Video application

Hey, the barking started! Is it an elk or a bear?
Grab your phone and see what it’s barking at!

KNP Video application

The app is downloaded in two Android phones.
One phone is placed in the phone pocket of a GoPro Power vest and the user keeps the other.
The app in the dog’s phone connects the phone with the GoPro camera and enables ordering a picture or a short video at any time.
In that way you can check in the middle of a hunt what the dog is doing and what it is barking at.

The camera is shooting on a memory card all the time, but it is interrupted when an ordered picture or a video is being shot. After that the normal shooting will continue automatically.
There is shooting time and power in the camera for the whole day (13 or 17 hours depending on the version).
You can set the video length from 2 to 20 seconds.
The picture/video is ordered in the KNP Video app of the user.
After shooting the picture or the video transfers from the camera to the dog’s phone. It is compressed and saved in Google Drive, where you can see it right away.

The phones and the application are not included in the Power kit. They have to be bought separately.
The application has been completed and can be purchased in our shop.

Dog barks at bear


KNP camera vest

Starting from 199 €
Only a vest with many options to attach a camera
  • Light and steady

  • Good quality Finnish handwork

  • Option for a loop of a dog radar.

With a GoPro camera

Starting from 498 €
The best camera, the longest shooting time
  • The professionals’ choice.

  • Shooting time in Power model up to 17 h.

  • Compatible with our application, so you can order a picture or a short video from the dog’s camera at any time.