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GoPro Power is the most exquisite vest of all.
GoPro is a camera brand used by professionals. It is known for its extremely good picture quality, small size and durable structure.
Combined with our “Power“ power bank you will get an ensemble never seen before.
GoPro Power kit is available in two versions, the only difference being the size of the memory card.
With 200 GB memory card you can film for 13 hours and with a 256 GB card for more than 17 hours.
The measurements were taken in the temperature of -18° C with resolution 1080p.

GoPro Power vest comes with a small pocket for an Android phone.
With our KNP Video application installed in the phone, you can receive a picture or a short video from the dog’s camera. In this way you can follow the dog’s actions also during the hunt.
The application is included in the Power kit. The phone have to be bought separately.

KNP Camera Vest is a high-quality product, Finnish handwork at its best. All the vests are made in Imatra.
The vest is light, only 400 grams, nevertheless sturdy. The vest does not absorb water.
The total weight of the Power model with the camera and an extra battery is 965 grams.

This model has an option of a radar holder for Tracker or Garmin radar models. In this case, you can not select the phone case for the application.

Thanks to large adjustment tolerances the vest fits well to normal sized elk and bear hounds used in Finland.
See measures in the picture below. On request we can also make slightly smaller or bigger vests.
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Concerning maintenance service contact by email pekka(at)

The guarantee period is one year. The guarantee of the camera vest covers all defects in workmanship.
The guarantee does not cover any damages of the camera or a lost camera.
Contact your insurance company before use.